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Dr. Yotsukura Keiichi
PhD, DDs

#545, National Road 6A, Siem Reap Cambodia.
Tel     : (855)63 76 78 18
Mobile: (855)99 395 682

It has been shown that ailments such as stiff shoulders, backache, changes in facial appearance, expression, and posture, as well as decreases in athletic ability, memory skills and other troubles arise from chewing.

Chewing well helps the body secrete saliva to dramatically build up the immune system, in addition to playing a large role in preventing diabetes, obesity, and other lifestyle and cognitive diseases.

Even if you’ve been unfortunate enough to lose teeth, you can get back the health benefits of the chewing effect with state-of-the-art dental treatment. I would like to assist you in getting back those health benefits so that you can lead a healthy and creative daily life, enjoying the taste of delicious food throughout your days, and greatly improve your Quality of Life.

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